Over the two decades, we have installed many successful solar power systems at remote and inaccessible locations and have delivered power and energy to homes and businesses across the India and Oman. Our mantra of making technology as simple as possible for our customers has seen us become the country’s biggest independent technology providers and the pioneers too.

Grid-Connected System - The Feed-in Tariff Scheme

Application : In areas where an electricity grid is available but the access is prohibitively expensive and have to generate own electricity (e.g. for reducing the use of electricity from the electricity grid, generating clean electricity or backup power).

Capacity : 1Kw ~ 10Mw

Operational Hours : 5 – 6 Hrs (Depends upon regional factor)

Stand-Alone Solar Power Systems

Application : In remote areas where electricity grid is NOT Available and one needs to generate own electricity station.

Capacity : 5W ~ 10Kw – 12V/24V/48Vdc

Operational Hours :10Min – 24hrs (upto 5 days Battery Autonomy)

Solar Power System for Telecom Sector

Application :To operate telecom equipment’s microwave repeaters, LD repeaters, GSM base stations, etc.

Capacity : 5W ~ 10Kw – 12V/24V/48Vdc

Operational Hours :12Hrs – 24hrs (upto 5 days Battery Autonomy)

Off Grid Solar Power Back up Systems

Application : In areas where the mains electricity grid is available but NOT reliable (due to frequent / long power failure) and you only want to backup power from solar electrification system to use when grid supply fails.

Capacity :100W ~ 100Kw – 230Vac

Operational Hours :1Hr – 24hrs

ASolar Power for Street Lighting and Outdoor Light

Type : Stand Alone and Centralized System

Stand Alone Capacity : Stand Alone 10W ~ 100W – 12V/24Vdc with 12-14hrs operation (3-5 days Battery Autonomy with automatic ON/OFF time switch for dusk to dawn feature Centralized System

Capacity : Customized as per client with 12-14hrs operation with grid supply provision

Solar Thermal Water Heating System

Application : Domestic, Industrial & Commercial establishment.

Capacity : 120Ltr ~ 30,000Ltr Per Tank

Solar Water Pumping System

Type : Stand Alone DC Pump with Solar System

Application : Swimming Pool, Filtration, Industrial, Irrigation & Desalination Plants.

Capacity : 0.5Hp ~ 20Hp